12 brilliant play ideas for you, for your dog, for great teams!
In 2016, Good Dog Practice is featuring a dog-friendly activity once a month, by courtesy of guest author, Monika Stanzig (IDBTS, certified by Sheila Harper). 
These are not meant as tasks or training ideas.  Rather, they are a way of sharing relaxed, quality time together. Your dog can gain confidence by doing problem-solving activities as independently as possible, while enjoying your support and attention. Just for fun!
Consistent with the values of Good Dog Practice, we feel that our dogs are not obliged to be interested, nor should they be pressured to complete a task. If they prefer to do something else or just rest, that’s just fine! Maybe another time! 🙂 A tip: many dogs take a pause from a problem-solving challenge and come back to it later. If the dog looks for your support, you can of course assist him or her. 
(These activities are chosen with care, but come without guarantee for correctness or completeness. They are meant as quality-time activities.  Please be present with your dog while he is doing them, also for safety reasons. Please note, we take no legal responsibility for any mishaps, damage or injury. All rights to text and photographs reserved.)


You will need:
– cardboard toilet-paper rolls
– dog treats

Here’s how to do it:

1.) Take an empty toilet-paper roll and hide a treat inside it. Press the ends of the roll together gently and put it on the ground, without drawing attention to it.

2.) Now wait until the sight or the scent awakens the curiosity of your four-legged friend. He’ll be proud to have discovered the toilet-paper roll all on his own. Give your dog the time he needs to explore what he has found. Allow him to work out how to get the treat at his own pace.

Chai discovers the roll

Chai discovers the roll

3.) Should he really need help, support him by opening the ends of the roll a little. Don’t worry if your dog eats the cardboard. It’s not harmful.

What's this I've found?

What’s this I’ve found?

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