Hallo everyone!

Good Dog Practice is dedicated to promoting the most natural and stress-free life we can offer our dogs. We strongly believe there is no justification for training an animal using physical pain or psychological intimidation.

I'd therefore like to support Linda Michaels MA in her plea for ethics in the application of canine science, by reposting her article below. Thank you, Linda, for all the work and wisdom which went into this!!

Surely, the most important thing must always be the HEART!! Only with compassionate and humane values can we hope to make living with our dogs as happy as possible for all concerned.

Here at Good Dog Practice, we are always glad to promote courageous initiatives for the welfare of dogs. Together, let's banish the methods which lead to the desperation we can see in this dog's eyes (please see link to the picture and article:)  

wishing all the very best to everyone working for the well-being of dogs 🙂