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Maybe you are visiting me here because daily life with your dog is stressful?


Do you have a dog who destroys your flat when you go out?


Who pulls on the lead or barks at people or other dogs?


A dog who is afraid of unknown objects, or of children?


Might you even be afraid of your own dog and are ashamed of admitting it?

I’m glad you’re visiting me here at Good Dog Practice!

My name is Rosee Riggs, and I thank you for visiting my website.

I am the Founder and Director of Good Dog Practice, and dedicated to helping you fulfil your dogs’ needs so that you can enjoy a harmonious life together with your canine companion.

Below, you will find blogs on Enrichment (dog-led activities so that you can enjoy quality time together), Lead Handling and Walks, Separation Anxiety and further General Articles.

If you need immediate help with your dog, please email me, Rosee, at riggs@good-dog-practice.com to arrange a discovery call.

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Many years ago, I had a dog who struggled with the demands of everyday life. He became fearful and aggressive.  I felt like a failure because I did not know how to help him. In addition, I was plagued by conflicting information about what to do. So many experts around! I was confused and upset, but determined to learn how to teach him the skills he needed to be more relaxed in our human world. I started my studies and realised how much false information is out there.

In the course of learning how to support him, I became a qualified, certified Canine Behaviour Advisor. I founded Good Dog Practice, and have been helping others in a similar position for over 10 years. Furthermore, I have adopted other dogs with challenges and troubles and helped them to a normal life.


Rosee Riggs

I offer a force-free, needs-based approach and specialise in:

  • Isolation Distress and Separation Anxiety (online training programmes so I can help you wherever you are located.)
  • An innovative and dog-friendly method of Lead Handling and
  • Teaching Dogs Skills on Walks
  • Fearful, Anxious, Deprived and Traumatised Dogs.
  • I work closely with local shelters. If you are looking to adopt a dog, I’ll gladly advise you.

I offer behavioural consultations in both English and German.


I have four canine behaviour qualifications:

  • IPACS l and IPACS ll (with Sheila Harper and Winny Boerman)
  • The Diploma in Canine Behaviour (the International School for Canine Psychology and Behaviour)
  • SA Pro Trainer (specialist in Separation Anxiety, trained by Julie Naismith)

I am certified as an ethical and positive behaviour advisor through ICAN, INTO Dogs and VÖHT, which require me to complete at least 40 hours of Continuous Professional Development per year.

Thank you for taking the first steps in supporting your dog!

If you need immediate help, including if your dog is suffering from separation anxiety, please reach out to me for a complimentary discovery call through the contact form.

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I hope you enjoy reading the articles and they contribute to your understanding and enjoyment of life with your dog.

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Hi there, just wanted to pass on my thanks to rosee riggs for some much needed help regarding my 8 y.o jack russell terrier Jagger.

Jagger was a very troubled rescue dog,for the 7 years we have had him he was constantly on edge,highly strung, yappy and agressive to other dogs.very territorial and stressed. Despite several attempts with local dog trainers etc,we were unable to ever get a handle on his issues.

A friend suggested I speak with Rosee Riggs about the problems. Rosee was more than helpfull and with some very simple,yet hugely effective advice,we have been able to help our little dog relax and let go of his stress. Rosee has shown me how to tune in to a dogs basic fundamental requirements. No tricks or time consuming techniques, just going back to basics and adapting a few everday situations to meet a dogs needs. Very simple changes that i had completely overlooked, that have given my dogs a much more relaxing,peaceful state of mind,and in turn, strengthened the positive relationship I have with my pets.

Thank you Rosee for your advice and expertise, from Lorraine, Jagger, Presley, Indie and Angus x


When I got my dog Capper at 12 weeks old, I had prepared myself for everything but the fact that after four years of training, he still couldn’t stay alone. Instead, he howled and barked all the time. After four different dog trainers with different training approaches without success, the frustration and pressure increased. My kennel then brought me to Rosee and it is the best thing that could have happened to us. I learned a lot and understood where the real problem was. Rosee’s training method is not only sustainable, but she follows you every day, gives daily feedback and is always available. It is a long and very small-step way, but with the trainings before, Capper always just held out until it was no longer possible. In the meantime, he is relaxed when I close the apartment door behind me. He doesn’t even care when I come back, which was unthinkable in four years despite training.

Thank you Rosee!






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